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Aqua Lung Apnea Monolens Mask

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Redefine equalization on your next dive. Made specifically for freediving and spearfishing, the Omer Apnea Single-Lens Low-Volume Dive Mask is a low-volume mask with a single lens frame for easy equalization and excellent visibility. The nose pocket has an exclusive thinner silicone texture that makes equalization easy. The low-profile bring the lenses closer to the face, giving you a wider field of vision and letting you save air when equalizing. The frameless and soft silicone skirt provide a leak-proof, secure fit that will serve most faces. The buckles are attached to the frameless skirt, enabling the strap to feel comfortable and secure from any angle. The single lens is made from tempered glass for excellent durability. Go as down as you can with this Omer Apnea Single-Lens Low-Volume Dive Mask.


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