Aqua Lung Legend Regulator

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The Aqua Lung Legend shares the same features and performance as the Legend LUX and Legend LX with one notable exception. Instead of the MBS dual control valve, the Legend offers a venturi switch. Legend First Stage: Auto Closure Device (ACD) keeps corrosive water out of the first stage inlet by automatically closing as the Legend is removed from the cylinder valve this prevents internal lubrication from washing away, and is safer for elevated percentages of oxygen Unique over-balanced, diaphragm design results in superior performance at depth 2 HP ports and 4 MP ports are angled for optimum hose routing An environmental dry system keeps water out of the main spring chamber thus preventing ice buildup and keeping silt and contamination out Compatible with up to 40% O2 right out of the box. Second Stage: Pneumatically-balanced second stage results in smooth, easy breathing A venturi switch helps prevent freeflow at the surface and when the regulator is out of the diver's mouth

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