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Deep See EZ Lock

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Aqua Lungs Wenoka Dive Knives have been serving the industry for over three decades and counting. The Wenoka EZ-Lock is no exception to this tried and true line of diving accessories, with a 4" high-grade beta alloy titanium stiletto or tanto tip blade. The knife's overall length is 9" the EZ-Lock is the serious diver's tool. A knife like this you don't want to lose, so Wenoka's patented EZ-Lock locking mechanism securely locks your knife in its sheath. The knife allows variable mounting options with a molded belt clip on the impact resistant plastic sheath that comes with rubber leg straps. The positive grip handle is equipped with a hole for attachment of a wrist lanyard. The knife blade has one-side with alternate hollow ground serrations, and a line cutter and the other side with a straight edge. The knife is without a doubt a diver's tool.

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