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Omer Stingray Fins

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Complete spearfishing fins from Omer, the Stingray Fins use a 22-degree angle between the foot pocket and the fin blade to optimize your power stroke relative to kicking effort. Omer Stingray Fins have a fixed fin blade for complete freediving fins that provide power and comfort. A cleverly crafted full foot pocket at a unique 22 degree angle from the fin blade delivers so much power on your downstroke, they'll be calling you Optimus Dive. Power is optimized relative to the effort exerted while kicking. The fixed fin blade of polypropylene resists scratching, and is super comfortable on your feet thanks to a thermo rubber foot pocket. The thermo rubber full foot pocket provides more comfort than other full foot pockets by using two different stiffness compounds. The Omer Stingray Freediving Fins are great for both new and expert freedivers. 

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