Aqua Lung Sphera Mask

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Popular among freedivers for its ultra-low profile, the Sphera blends the best qualities of dive and swim masks. A narrow bridge separates curved lenses that give divers a true 180-degree range of visibility while a sleek frame and trim buckles reduce drag while swimming.

  • Patented Plexisol® lenses provide 100% UVA & UVB protection, a great plus for free divers spending time at the surface 
  • Curved lenses provide true 180-degree visibility for maximum awareness while swimming
  • Anti-fog and scratch-resistant lens coatings deliver crystal clear viewing and improved durability
  • Slimmed down mask strap and buckle system minimize drag and are easy to adjust, even when wearing gloves
| Farrell Tiller 17-04-2020 12:42

The Sphera is the ultimate low volume mask. Great for deeper freediving as the low profile decreases the amount of air we need to use for equalization and helps us avoid mask and other squeezes. These masks are very durable, and still provide surprisingly good visibility despite the small lenses!

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