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Batfish Books Meet Me Underwater

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Meet Me Underwater, A Photographic Celebration of Florida’s Aquatic Wonders, is a retrospective of widely published and award-winning photographer Michael Patrick O’Neill’s work over the last 30 years covering the Sunshine state’s spectacular coral reefs, wetlands, estuaries and deep ocean.

“Meet Me” is dedicated to all Floridians and everyone who has a little Florida in them. Its wide range of subjects, along with breathtaking images, will capture the attention of anyone who picks up the book—fishermen, divers, or simply nature lovers.

An experienced visual storyteller, O’Neill and his team created a book with aerial, wide-angle, and close-up photos that effortlessly lead the reader from one section to the next. The light and casual text frame the stunning images and provide valuable snippets of information, especially in the opening chapter titled “Blackwater”, which concentrates on planktonic creatures photographed late at night while drifting in the Gulf Stream Current offshore Palm Beach—an experience O’Neill compares to an untethered astronaut adrift in outer space.

This premium quality hard-cover book is a visual treat and a valuable addition to any home.

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