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Born of Water Fatal Allure

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Beneath the waves, shimmering blue water gives way to vibrant reefs and forests of kelp, bathed in the warm brilliance of sunlight. However, divers are cautioned not to wander beyond these shallows; for legends warn of monstrous beasts which lurk in the twilight below. Descending into the darkness, beams of light dwindle into faint glimmers as they become enveloped by the shadows. These abyssal waters have never seen the likes of sunlight, yet it is not all darkness. Stories tell of those who have ventured into this world, being lured to their fate by a mysterious luminescence. It begins as a subtle glow in the distance, but slowly, it grows. As this captivating gleam draws closer, it isn’t until their final moments, that these divers notice the rows of jagged teeth; the cause of their demise.

  • Pre-shrunk
  • 60% combed cotton / 40% polyester jersey (4.3 oz.)
  • Three fabrics combined for one stunningly soft t-shirt
  • Super-soft, lightweight, Slim-fit tee shirt
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