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Carter Personal Float CBPF-35

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The Personal Floats (CBPF) may be the single most important pieces of diving equipment that you ever own. Detachable 12" x 12" dive flags on both sides of the float's top makes it highly visible for a considerable distance. Also a 2" wide reflective strip makes the floats highly visable at night. One-way oral inflation valve easily allows the diver to tightly inflate the float at the surface, while a one-way flapper valve allows air into the bottom of the float but not out. Over-pressure/dump valve vents excess air as the Personal Float ascends to the surface. The handle at the top of the float can be used to attach a light. The float is constructed out of very durable 400 denier poly-urethane coated nylon material. A velcro strip at the bottom holds the float in a tight roll when not in use. A four pound weight will make the personal float stand up vertically in the water. Personal floats are available in different buoyancies: 35 lbs lift, 50 lbs lift, and 75 lbs lift.

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