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Carter Personal Float CBPF-75

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The Personal Float may be the Single Most-Important Piece of Underwater Equipment you ever Own. The Optional, Detachable 12" x 12" (30 5 x 30 5 cm) Dive Flags on both sides of the Float's Top makes it Highly-Visible from a Considerable-Distance. Also a 2" (5 cm) Wide Reflective Strip makes the Floats Highly-Visible at Night. The One-Way Oral Inflation Valve allows the Diver to Tightly-Inflate the Float at the Surface, while a One-Way Flapper Valve allows Air into the Bottom of the Float. The Over-Pressure/Dump Valve Vents Excess-Air as the Personal Float Ascends to the Surface and the Handle at the Top of the Float can be used as an Attachment-Point for a Light.

  • One way oral inflation and flapper valve
  • Overpressure relief valve
  • Top handle for light attachment
  • Velcro strip holds float in a tight roll
  • 400D polyurethane coated nylon
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