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Class Intro to Tech

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Are you ready to go beyond the limits of recreational SCUBA and elevate your diving to the next level?  Join the Technical Diving Team at Force-E for “Intro to Tech Month” where you will transcend the limits of recreational diving and learn the fundamentals of technical diving. 

This two-weekend long course is ideal for those who are looking to go deeper and stay longer while learning the gear and techniques required to successfully execute open-circuit SCUBA dives beyond the restrictions of recreational depth & no-decompression limits. 

We focus on an objective oriented, team diving approach to get the most out of every minute underwater while maximizing safety and mitigating risk.  This masterclass in dive planning will utilize cutting edge dive planning software and the Shearwater dive computer platform to build the necessary foundational skills required to execute deeper & longer dives.  With decades of experience in a global variety of diving conditions, our instructors will unlock the allure of some of South Florida’s choicest wrecks and reefs – and beyond.

Instructors: John Gavin, Greg Havlusch

When: October 16-17 AND October 23-24

Pre-Reqs: Open Water Diver, Computer/Logbook proof of 25+ dives, age limit 18+ years 

Course Structure:

Saturday, October 16 – 8-11am @ Force-E Boca – Paperwork, gear presentation & setup followed by lunch.  1-5pm @ pool for confined water training

Sunday, October 17 – 8-12pm @ Force-E Boca – Classroom session

Saturday, October 23 – AM Boat/PM Debrief

Sunday, October 24 – AM Boat/PM Debrief

Cost & What’s included:

$1200, TDI Intro To Tech e-learning ($139 value), Force-E Technical Diving Team T-Shirt, TDI Intro To Tech Certification, Academic Sessions, Pool Session, 4 Boat Dives & Rental Gear

After the class, where you can go from here...Sign up for the TDI Advanced Nitrox & Decompression Procedures


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