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Cressi Commanche Rail Gun 100

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The Comanche Rail is the latest version of Cressi’s world champion spear gun. The high strength, anti-corrosion aluminum barrel now features an integrated guide rail for increased accuracy. The high-tech and light weight modern thermoplastic hand grip and muzzle guarantee the upmost maneuverability in the water, adding to the Comanche Rail’s accuracy. The compact and hydrodynamic muzzle makes it possible to add a second lower band to increase power for larger prey. The muzzle and hand grip are configured so the shooter can easily acquire a sight picture of the gun while simultaneously tracking their target. The Comanche Rail comes with a heat treated 6.0 mm spring stainless steel 17-4 PH notched shaft, 16 mm parallel power bands, metal articulated wishbone, and a shaft rigged to the gun with a 1.4 mm braided multifilament line rated to 176 lb (80kg). The Comanche Rail also features a dovetail notch in front of the trigger guard, allowing a reel to be mounted.

New Ø28 mm barrel in anticorodal aluminum with an integrated low-friction guide, as the shaft only rests on the two outer corners. The lower part is reinforced by additional thickness. This combination enables the spear gun to remain extraordinarily easy to handle while being more rigid than spear guns that are much larger in diameter.

New muzzle, completely rounded and designed to allow for rapid repositioning of the shaft after firing, without it having to enter longitudinally with respect to the barrel.

The hook for the bands is aligned with the barrel so that the traction is perfectly aligned. The visibility offered by the muzzle is excellent and aiming is precise, fast and intuitive.

Smooth rod coupling with the renowned cassette mechanism, tough, reliable and compatible with all types of shafts, tolerant of different heights, finishings and machining. Load assist. Four different line hooks.

A fisherman used to using Comanche would rarely change his speargun, as it is famously ergonomic and versatile for every kind of fishing and for shooting in every direction.

French articulated wishbone. This is considered to be the best, safest and easiest hook wishbone due to its angular design and profile of the plate. Stainless steel AISI 304 shafts hardened by ø4 mm with the lock washer and lock nut. High quality caps in Delrin© with threads designed so that threading and unthreading the bands can be done easily by hand, no tools needed.

Integrated, discreet and effective automatically retractable double loop line located on the corner between the trigger guard and the base of the barrel.

Bayonet reel-anchoring system. Dual guide system that defines the shaft’s trajectory after being uncoupled from the mechanism. The handle is in anti-slip thermoplastic rubber. It is silver-gray rubber so it is discreet yet visible on the seafloor. High quality bands in pure black latex, 16 mm in diameter. Caps for threading and unthreading by hand.

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