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Cressi Shaft Loader

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You just arrived at the dive site and the divers are all getting ready to slip in the water for a day of spear fishing. You check your spear gun and realize your shaft loader is not attached to your gear or gun. Your Cressi pneumatic spear gun came with a shaft loader if you lose or misplace it you can only hope for a suntan while others are on the hunt! Always carry a spare shat loader in you safe-a-dive-kit so you won't get skunked" on a spear fishing trip.

The Cressi Shaft Loader is a very comfortable anatomical loader for pneumatic spear guns. It is made from strong black plastic, is shaped for the four fingers on one side and the other side has thehousing both for the spearhead (center) and for the pronged spearheadso the spear gun can be loaded irrespective of the head used. A through hole means you can add a band or line to attach it to the wrist.

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