Nitek X Computer

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The NiTek X incorporates a number of important modes and features:

  • The NiTek X turns on automatically upon descent
  • On the surface, the NiTek X displays a minimum of date and time
  • The NiTek X uses easily accessible and highly reliable push buttons instead of exposed electrical contacts.
  • The NiTek X can be programmed to monitor exposure to seven different gas mixtures during a dive in either opencircuit or closed-circuit mode. Gas mixtures including combinations of oxygen, helium, and nitrogen can be programmed. Underwater, NiTek X users can switch between mixes at the push of a button
  • The NiTek X is capable of functioning up to a depth of 492 feet (149 meters)
  • The NiTek X automatically adjusts for altitudes up to 19,685 feet (6,000 meters)
  • The NiTek X displays a variety of data underwater including: date, time of day, temperature, current and maximum depths, no-decompression dive time elapsed and remaining time
  • The NiTek X displays data specifically related to the use of Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) and helium including: fraction of oxygen (FO2) setting, fraction of helium (FHe) setting, partial pressure of oxygen (PO2), and an oxygen limit index (OLI) representing the cumulative effect of a diver’s exposure to elevated PO2s (the theoretical “CNS clock”) as a bar graph
  • Through a combination visible alarms, the NiTek X helps to alert the diver to a number of possibly hazardous situations including: violation of ascent rate, no-decompression state, and whether mandatory decompression stops are necessary or if the diver has ascended above a mandatory stop ceiling. Nitrox specific warnings occur when the diver approaches or exceeds a user-preset limiting PO2 (1.4 or 1.6), or when Introduction NiTek X Dive Computer User Manual v1.1 4 cumulative exposure to elevated PO2s exceeds recommended limits
  • The NitekX can be used with closed-circuit rebreathers and includes constant-PO2 setpoint capabilities (0.4 to 1.6), and is upgradable for 4th cell monitoring
  • External oxygen-sensor monitoring and analysis capabilites can be added
  • The NiTek X can be programmed to display data in Imperial or metric units • Dive depth can be displayed in fresh or salt water equivalents
  • Preset and custom Conservatism or Gradient Factors can be programmed to increase dive-safety margins
  • Special mode indicators makes it easy to determine what display mode or screen you are in at any time
  • The NiTek X has a selectable backlight to illuminate the screen in all light conditions • The NiTek X’s memory capability enables it to hold and display log data for a minimum of 15 hours of dive time, depending on settings
  • Detailed dive-profile information can be stored for each dive through user-programmable sample intervals of 15 or 30 seconds (the longer intervals allow data for a greater number of dives) • Dive data can be uploaded and stored in a dive log format on a desktop or laptop computer using the Diverite NiTek Workbench™ software and optional PC interface.
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