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Essentials Package

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Aqua Lung Essential Scuba Package

We've compiled some of the best Aqua Lung scuba gear into a complete dive package that is not only cost effective but also includes some of Aqua Lung's most functional gear components. Ideal as a first complete set of scuba gear, this dive package has everything you need to embark on endless underwater explorations. 


Aqua Lung Pro HD Scuba BCD

This wrap-around jacket style buoyancy compensation device is constructed from durable, ResisteK materials to withstand chlorine and salt water deterioration. Including Aqua Lung's integrated weight system, the Surelock II Mechanical Weight System clicks in securely and releases with a simple pull on a handle. Zippered utility pockets on both sides can be used to carry accessories, such as lights, slates, or underwater cameras. The scooped octo pocket allows you to securely keep your octo visible and streamlined, without letting it drag along the ocean floor. The left pocket also allows you to keep your gauge console streamlined and easily accessible. Five stainless steel D rings give you endless options for clipping accessories. 


Aqua Lung Pearl BCD 

The new edition of the Aqua Lung Pearl Scuba BCD is redesigned to offer unmatched comfort and function for the lady diver. The BCD air cell is sleeker, with low profile lobes and a short torso length that hugs the hips comfortably. The Pearl is a unique hybrid design of both an ADV jacket style and back inflation BCDs; the hybrid design allows you to float at the surface yet be streamlined when underwater. The waist band is adjustable to create the perfect fit, as is the front chest strap. For divers who prefer not to have a chest strap, this feature can be removed. Keep your scuba accessories handy at all times in the two front zippered pockets, or clip them onto one of the four D-rings. Keep your profile as streamlined as possible in the water with Aqua Lung's scooped octo and intrument pockets; this design keeps the octo and your instrument gauge visible and close to your person at all times. The Aqua Lung Pearl Scuba BCD uses the SureLock II Mechanical Weight system to keep your weights securely locked in, yet easy to deploy in an emergency situation. You'll hear an audible "click" when the weights are locked in, and they are quickly released with the pull of the handle. 


Aqua Lung Titan Scuba Regulator

Comfortable and lightweight, this diving regulator produces an easy breathing underwater experience. The balanced-diaphragm first stage is environmentally sealed to protect the scuba regulator from saltwater deterioration. The second stage has a venturi knob to stop unwanted freeflow, and includes the Comfo-Bite mouthpiece. The exhaust tee has a built-in grid for finer exhaust bubbles. Reinforced polycarbonate construction makes this scuba regulator strong and durable. 


Aqua Lung ABS Octo

With quality breathing performance and low profile design, this diving octopus exceeds the CE breathing requirements for scuba regulators. The unique design allows for proper breathing whether the diving octopus is positioned right side up or upside down. The highly visible yellow cover extends from a 39" yellow hose. Whether from the right hand or left hand position, the 120° angle between the hose and mouthpiece allows for comfortable buddy breathing. 


Aqua Lung i300c 2 Gauge Dive Computer Console

The Aqua Lung i300c 2 Gauge Dive Computer Console includes the dive computer module and a submersible pressure gauge housed in a rugged console for easy instrument reading underwater.


  • Backlight for display information in low light conditions
  • User changeable battery with data retention between changes
  • Smart functions like Water-activated on switch and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Select fresh or salt water and 1 of 4 operating modes: air, nitrox, gauge, and freedive
  • Pre-dive planning mode, automatic altitude adjustment, and optional deep stop with countdown timer
  • History mode gives info on total number of dives, max depth, total dive hours, and lowest temperature
  • Able to switch up to 3 gases underwater
  • Audible alarms with LED warning light
  • 3 Nitrox mixes up to 100% O2
  • Compatible with DiverLog software
  • Control your dive computer settings
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