Black Water Night Diving: What comes out at Night

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Black Water Night Diving: What comes out at Night

Night diving is a totally different type of diving…different animals come out at night so you have an opportunity to see things like eels hunting or lobsters out walking. But what comes out at night in the Black Water? Join us on June 20, 2017 at Force-E Boca to find out!

A popular dive in Palm Beach right now is the Black Water Night dive. The boat takes divers out to the gulf stream in black water and the drift along in the night looking for the critters that swim up from the deep to the surface to feed at night. Our guest presenter is Linda Ianniello, a local photographer and member of the SFUPS. She has some amazing stories and photos of the critters she has encountered on these dives.

We will start at 7 pm, so make sure to register online for this event to let us know you are coming and for a chance to win a trip to try Black Water Night Diving. We have a special trip scheduled on June 30, so don’t miss you chance to give this dive a try!