Waterways and Beach Clean Up with SOL

Dolphins of the bahamas


Lets come together and help clean up our oceans Force-E Scuba Centers has teamed up with Saving Ocean Life, local beach clean up organization created by ocean loving kids, to bring you a great day of fun and purpose.

Join us on Nov 5, 2017 (Sunday) at 9 am at the Dania Pier for a waterway and beach clean up. You can pick from three clean up activities…clean the beach, bring your SUP or kayak and clean up Whiskey Creek or grab your dive gear and clean up the Dania Jaxs (shore dive).

Saving Ocean Life will be organizing the beach clean up and they will provide supplies. Blue Moon Outdoor Adventure Company will lead the Whiskey Creek clean up on SUP or kayak. And Force-E Scuba Centers will lead the scuba shore dive clean up (must be a certified diver to participate).

Please make sure to register online and if you plan to scuba so we can give you additional information as well. Also make sure to bring your reusable water bottle and oxybenzone free sunblock.