Gili Gear XL Bag

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Gili set out on a mission to find the most durable, breathable, colorful, and most importantly- sustainable material possible, and started making gear bags which last much longer than the typical bag. When other instructors, divemasters, sailors, fishermen, friends, and family, etc all wanted some...we outsourced a B certified contract manufacturer in Colorado to do all the cutting & sewing. Four years later, Gili now offers a wide variety of eco-products that are ideal for Adventure, Sports, and Travel.

  • Dimensions: 42" x 14"  (106cm x 36cm)
  • Repurposed Vinyl Mesh
  • Waterproof material
  • Mildew & UV Resistant
  • Sand free / See-through / Ventilated
  • Stain-proof and easy to clean
  • Super durable Auto-Lock plastic zipper
  • Shoulder strap with Neoprene handle (use as is)
  • End Handles
  • Designed and Handmade in Colorado, USA
  • Multicolored

*Please note: Due to the nature of this product we do not list color options. These are recycled products, so there will be  slight variations in each bags color, as well as random color threads throughout due to the upcycling (weaving) process. This ensures you are getting a truly unique bag!

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