Headhunter 2pc Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber Polespear

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The HeadHunter Predator Polespear is one Headhunters first products. The Predator combines innovative designs with high quality materials to create one of the fastest and most durable pole spear in the market. The Predator is a two piece pole spear. It comes with a strong composite back half that is more durable and lighter than aluminum. The front section is made of stiff carbon fiber and 316 stainless steel connections for added rigidity. The Predator pole spear comes ready to shoot. The injector rod, power band, retaining band kit and our famous showstopper slip tip is included in the kit.

| Farrell Tiller 31-03-2020 14:45

You can’t beat the speed of carbon fiber... The predator pole spear really flies through the water. For hunting heavy reef fish, the predator is not ideal as the light weight carbon fiber is easy to snap or break. The spear tends to bend/bow when fully loaded- one trick to alleviate this is to spin your hand around the spear (wrapping the rubber band around the spear) making it stay straight (I believe there is a good video demonstrating this on the Headhunter website). What the Predator lacks in durability, it makes up for in speed and and carrying ability. If you don’t like dragging a big heavy spear around the reef then the Headhunter Predator is for you! Add an extension piece and this is a great pole spear for hunting Pelagics in the Bahamas or elsewhere.

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