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Sea Stinger 3pc Lighting Rod Breakdown 81'' Polespear

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The Sea Stinger 3-Piece Lightning Rod is the 3-piece version of our most popular spear the Lightning Rod, but breaks down smaller for easier transport. It is precisely tuned to deliver the optimum force for deep penetration of the Sea Stinger Tips. The 3-Piece Lightning Rod's carbon fiber shaft gives it a highly desirable tip heavy balance, most of it's weight is in the forward 20 inches which increases accuracy and punch. The forward shaft also features micro riffles for grip and to trap air to create a buffer layer between the water and the spear allowing it to literally fly through the water. The new mid section is a smooth rubberized texture for grip and comfort. The optional Power Band Cam at the rear allows the shooter to quickly adjust the power stroke and hand position of the spear on the fly. This allows the user to quickly reduce the power and at the same time, move the shooting hand closer to the tip. This unique feature comes in handy when the prey holes-up under a ledge. By moving the Cam Lever forward the grip position can be moved close to the tip while reducing the power to deliver an accurate hole shot with reduced power to prevent over penetration and jamming the tip in the rock. The Cam Lever can also be removed and the power band can be affixed to the back end of the spear. Sea Stinger Spears come with a 6mm threaded end.

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