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Heatwave Heat Pack

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  • CLICK HEAT INSTANT HAND WARMER: Instant reusable hand warmer designed for body comfort, pain relief, and instant heat within seconds to 130 degrees. Portable long-lasting instant reusable heat packs can be used many times for camping, hunting, emergency preparedness, hiking, and sporting events.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY NON-TOXIC WARMERS: These heat pads are not disposable heat packs or disposable hand warmers. Reusable heating pads, reusable pocket hand warmers, and instant reusable hand warmers fit with camping first aid kits and your safety and survival equipment.
  • MADE IN USA: Instant hand warmers made from eco-friendly, premium, medical-grade materials provide therapeutic heat and enable instant pain relief from arthritis pain; neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, or joint pain; muscles aches; and menstrual pain relief.
  • LONG LASTING INSTANT HEAT PACK: Instant heat packs are reusable by placing the body warmer hot pack in boiling water, with a rag underneath it, until the reusable heat pack returns to liquid form. For best results, let cool and store in liquid form.
  • HEAT PATCHES AND WRAPS: Camping heat packs and camping hand warmers can last from 1-2 hours depending on size and insulation. Body warmers go from liquid to solid by emitting heat from the safe, sodium acetate solution after you snap heat or click it hot to activate.
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