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Bare Men's 7mm Reactive Full Wetsuit

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The Bare 7mm Reactive Full Suits are made from Elastek Full-Stretch nylon-2 neoprene combined with Celliant fabric for Bare's highest degree of warmth, stretch and comfort. Reactive uses Celliant Infrared technology to turn wasted body heat into usable infrared energy. The lining is enhanced with 13 thermo-reactive minerals woven into the fabric of the wetsuit that react to your body heat converting it to infrared energy and reflecting it back to the body increasing circulation and body warmth. The Reactive Full Suit has a Velcro adjustment on collar features a booklet-style cover, to protect your suit from snags and pilling and seamless underarms for superior comfort and mobility. 

  • 7mm Elastek neoprene full suit
  • Celliant fabric liner for optimum warmth
  • Abrasion resistant Armor flex knee pad
  • Seamless underarms for mobility
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