JBL Elite Woody Sawed-Off Magnum Speargun

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Looking for a spear gun that's fast, quiet, accurate the Elite? Woody feature JBL's revolutionary M-8, 3-piece trigger mechanism. Its compound leverage design and laser cut 1/4" (6.35 mm) stainless components make it the strongest mechanism in the world and provide shooters with smooth, effortless trigger pull. The handle is well, amazing. The ergonomic 45° design and hex pattern increases grip control and accuracy. Once you hold it you will never want to shoot another gun. Shoot Tahitian-style or remove the flopper and screw on a break-away tip for large game fish. Gun deliver precision accuracy in all conditions and feature the legendary JBL performance and durability that has made them a world leader for over 40 years.

Point, shoot, eat. It's about that easy if you're shooting a JBL Woody spear gun. Each solid African mahogany blank is hand selected for straightness and grain pattern. The result: a spear gun that works just as well shooting fish as it does looking good. Just pick one up and you'll know what JBL's talking about. Comfortable in blue water or right off the beach, these guns are the best shooting partner you'll ever dive with. The all new M8 Trigger is perfection. New internal components reduce loading force by 50%. Like its predecessor, the M7, it can handle inhuman levels of pressure 2400 lbs. (1089 kg), yet still deliver a butter-smooth pull less than 8 lbs. (3.63 kg). The secret is its proprietary three-piece trigger mechanism.

The JBL Woody Elite Sawed-Off Magnum Spear Gun has a gun overall length of 44" (111.75 cm), comes with a corrosion resistant 17-4 (spring) stainless JBL744E shaft that is hand-tuned for alignment then heat-treated for maximum hardness to reduce flex and provide optimum energy transfer. The shaft for the Woody Elite Sawed-Off Magnum Spear Gun, measures 44" x 5/16" (111.75 cm x 8 mm) and has a 5/16" threaded point and flopper wing with shark fins sling tabs. Spear shaft has a 2-sling capacity.

The Gun is equipped with the JBL515E Shock Line. Sometimes we miss or we shoot a large fish and the recoil can pull the gun out of your grip, which ever, the shock line will keep you in control. Gun has an integrated open muzzle, with full shaft rail contact for maximum accuracy and comes with two JBL320E Nitro 20" x 5/8" (508 mm x 16 mm) slings. JBL's unique latex formulation and dip manufacturing process delivers radical modulus strength. The power curve increases as bands are stretched for optimum performance. Special anti-oxidants help protect against harmful U.V. rays, prolonging sling life. Wishbones are Spectra cord that provide superior strength and durability. The gun's reach of 22' (6.7 meters) and is positively buoyant.

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