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Kraken NR-1000 Light

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Kraken Sport – NR1000 an all metal powerful narrow beam rechargeable Dive Torch. Push Button control has a lit ring around it which changes colour to indicate battery charge remaining it also starts flashing when nearly out of usable charge. It has hot white center @15 degrees  and a large halo. Ideal for night diving and an easy to mount back up light. Beautiful machined knurling for secure grip. This durable LED dive torch has 3 power settings, flashing and flashing SOS modes. Depth rating 330 Ft. A 1/4 twenty female thread in the but cap allows to mechaniclly mount. A substantial  hard point to fix a lanyard or other fastener is also machined into the but cap. Supplied with Zippered storage bag, 18650 rechargeable battery, battery charger, spare orings, and lanyard.

| Joy 24-03-2021 22:57

Can't go wrong with this light! Love it!

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