The Groupers are Gathering

Goliath Grouper Photo Gear

The goliath grouper are gathering!
The Goliath Groupers are ready to aggregate in Palm Beach County are you ready? We have a great presentation and a dive event scheduled during August so you can meet one of these Gentle Giants yourself…so make sure you have a camera ready to capture this encounter with 20% off Savings!

We carry multiple brands of underwater photo and video cameras, and if we don’t have it we will get it for you!

Sealife Underwater Photo Gear
Fantasea Photo Gear
GoPro Scuba Diving Gear
Ikelite Photo Gear
Sea&Sea Photo Gear
Nauticam Photo Gear

Get your accessories to enhance your images with 20% off Savings!

Make sure to outfit your rig with strobes or lights, trays and arms, and filters.

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