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Submerge Into Advanced SCUBA Certification!

Boca Raton Continuing SCUBA Education

Continue your SCUBA Certification!
Since you’ve completed your Open Water certification, you clearly have an interest in scuba diving; why not get to know it better? With advanced diver courses, rescue courses, and specialty courses, you’ll never want to leave the water. Keep doing what you love and make scuba diving your lifestyle this spring.

Boca Raton Advanced Scuba Classes

Advance and expand your scuba skills with the advanced open water certification. Choose your favorites from a list of adventure dives and explore your way into planning dives in deeper waters. Learn More

Rescue Scuba Certification

Put your scuba skills to even better use and become a certified rescue diver. Learn to help prevent and manage problems, and help other divers in need if the situation arises. Learn More

Specialty Scuba Courses

Already a confident and certified diver? Have a special interest within scuba diving? Take a specialty course to advance your skills and knowledge in specific aspects of scuba diving. Learn More

Advanced Skills Need Advanced Equipment: