Lionfish Removal Dive - May 12, 2018

Join us in our mission to catch the invasive species


Join us on May 12th 2018 to help us remove lionfish that invade the reefs here in South Florida. We have boats scheduled to go out to the reefs that the lionfish frequent so that you can catch this invasive species.


Cost for the dive is $60 (does not include tanks). The boat will be departing at 8:30 am out of Pompano Beach. To get in on this adventure book online or at one of the three locations.


Catch some lionfish and bring it to Force-E Pompano to have it measured between 9am- 5 pm. Prizes for largest and smallest lionfish caught, and a FREE Force-E Lionfish shirt for anyone that donates lionfish to us!


***On that same day starting at 6pm we have a Lionfish researcher giving a presentation and lionfish jewelry workshop

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