Force-E Manatee Trip

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Don't miss out...come meet manatees up close in Crystal River, FL. This is the ONLY place where it is legal to swim with manatees. Plus do a freshwater drift dive or snorkel down Rainbow River!

This will be a weekend of exciting activities and we are sending our Force-E Photo Pro Nikole Heath on the trip to lead and take photos and videos of your trip! Whether you are a certified diver or snorkeler…this trip is for you! 

Scuba is not required for this trip, all activities planned can be done via snorkeling so it’s a great trip for kids and non-divers.

Trip Details:

Jan 31...check into hotel

Feb 1...Rainbow River dive/snorkel, Manatee Snorkel and group dinner

Feb 2...Manatee Snorkel, check out of hotel

Price $350 per person + tax (double occ): includes 2 nights at Hotel with Breakfast, 2 Manatee Snorkel Trips, 1 Rainbow River Dive/snorkel, and park fee for Rainbow River. If you are solo this price includes a shared room with another solo person, IF you would like your own room there is an additional price of $100.

Trip Itinerary will be sent to people who sign up online or at one of the stores. Book now to secure your spot on this fun adventure!

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