Manta Sr Tech Reel

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The Manta Reel: The ultimate in dive reels with features unlike any other on the market today. Constructed from the highest quality materials, it's made to withstand the demands of today's advancing technical diver. Whether it's wreck or cave diving, search and-recovery or underwater surveying, the Manta Reel is the only reel. Manta's Tec Senior offers divers the freedom to voyage long distances with confidence due to its worry-free, diver friendly operation. Designed for deployment of lift bags the Manta Tec Senior Reel is constructed with all stainless-steel hardware, the spool is machined out of one piece of UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) plastic. This plastic has one of the highest resistances to the elements, and reel is supplied with either 320' (97.5 meters) of #36 line or 600' (76.2 meters) of #24 line. The reels frame is anodized aluminum and the 3.5" (8.9 cm) 360° swivel bolt clip is made of stainless-steel for corrosion resistance. Reel is factory set for tension, yet it still has a diver adjustable tension control. The unique spring loaded AFS (Anti-Free Spool) system mechanically prevents free falling and free spooling of line which almost eliminates the chance of backlash or bird nesting. Manta Reels are individually hand crafted in the USA.

| Nick 30-03-2020 20:58

The best reel to tow a flag period. This reel is also great for deploying a surface marker from depth safely with control. Works great as a wreck reel. It's a bit more $ than others, but well worth the investment.

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