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Mares Dual Adj 52X Regulator

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The Mares Dual ADJ regulator is ultralight with adjustable breathing comfort. All this combined with the 52X, a first stage including a tri-material valve for the utmost reliability and safety, and dual DFC ports for the very best performance! The Mares Dual ADJ 52X Regulator is comprised of the compact top performer MR52X First Stage, all the features of the proven MR52 first stage and more, making it the best for a unique high caliber set up. Dual ADJ 52X represents a radical departure from any existing regulator. The Dual ADJ 52X incorporates a double DFC system that provides a consistent flow of air at any depth, even when breathing simultaneously from both the primary second stage and the octopus. The MR52X's pre-oriented pressure ports provide for an ideal placement of hoses even when using two independent regulators.

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