Mares Stealth Dual Adult Mask & Snorkel NLA

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For Spearfishermen/Freedivers/Snorkelers who want and extremely low volume mask and simple non-purge snorkel. Underwater photographers also enjoy the benefit of the black silicone skirt which improves forward vision. Stealth snorkels has an exclusive keeper which is low profile and comfortable against the face. The flexible bi-material construction absorbs vibration for increased "stealth' operation during hunting and the snorkel comes with ultra soft silicone mouthpiece. Includes a reusable mask box.

  • Low Volume
  • Black silicone skirt is great for photographers
  • Snorkel has soft silicone mouthpiece
  • Simple non-purge snorkel
| Cheryl 21-04-2020 18:47

This set is such a great deal! It is very high quality and perfect for snorkeling, diving or freediving.

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