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Maverick C4 Falcon Blades (Pair)

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The C4 Falcon Carbon Fiber Blades Fins provide support and flexible performance for freediving or spearfishing. The high-grade T700 carbon fiber, combined with a unique lamination process, makes the C4 fins stronger than other types of carbon fiber fins. Its 22-degrees blade angle improves the angle of attack for propelling yourself through the waves. The wide shape of the fin offers more elasticity and less breakage than a narrow fin. Choose from 2 stiffness options - 25/Soft and 30/Medium - for a variety of weights, dive distances and experience levels. Beginner or lightweight divers should start out with the 25/Soft. The 30/Medium is an all-around option for surface or deep dives to about 100 feet or 30 meters.

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