Princeton Tec Reef Pack

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The Reef Pack LED Light Kit from Princeton Tec is a light pack composed of three different size lights, the Sector 5, the League 100 and the Amp 1. All three lights come in a yellow housing. The most powerful light in the pack is the Sector 5 light. This light has a gun configuration with a pistol grip and shines at 550 lumens. The simple trigger switch design can be used with gloved hands and can lock to prevent accidental illumination and battery drain while in transit or storage. The trigger switch allows for momentary light when half-pulled and constant light when completely pulled. Four C-cell batteries minimize the bulk while providing 24 hours of burn time.

The second light in the Reef Pack is the ergonomic, handheld League 100. The lightweight and comfortable shape of the League 100 make it an ideal backup light in the water as well as a flashlight on land. The light shines at 210 lumens and has a 10-hour burn time. The Amp 1 is the smallest light in the pack and gives off a spot beam of 45 lumens. This light can be made into a marker light or provide area lighting by snapping on the included cone cover. It has a built-in large carabiner loop so that it can be attached to your pack or tent and provide hands-free light. The Amp 1 is waterproof to 330 ft and features a bottle opener for convenience.

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