Reef Reaper Bug Assassin

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Reef Reaper is a brand new name to the diving industry and based in sunny south Florida, right in the heart of the action! Their first product to market is the "Bug Assassin" lobster snare. It is a major improvement to traditional lobster snares and tickle sticks. The Bug Assassin features a one handed operation (very free diver friendly) and is powered by elastic bands that don't rust or snap. The bands can be quickly replaced without any tools in under a minute!  It has a 42" reach when cocked and the band tension is quickly adjustable on the fly so you can crank it down for those Big Bugs in seconds. It also allows you to completely release the tension for storage so your bands last longer. Finally, the Bug Assassin also has one more is collapsible! It shrinks down to only 26 inches an will fit in almost any gear bag or backpack out there. The bugs will never see you coming!

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