Reef Smart Wreck Map

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Exploring a new environment can be exhilarating, but it can also be intimidating. Whether someone is planning to hike through a forest or wander the streets of a new city, they will typically reach for a map and seek local knowledge beforehand; so why should exploring the marine ecosystem be any different? Yet detailed guides are unavailable for most dive, snorkel and surf sites, even for places that receive thousands of annual visitors. Reef Smart aims to change this.

Understanding what to expect from a dive, snorkel or surf site before you visit, not only increases safety, it also vastly improves the experience. With our products, divers and snorkelers can discover unique features and learn about the species they may see at each site. Surfers can find the best access points, locate rip currents and avoid underwater obstacles. Our goal is to produce guides that help people get the most from their in-water experience and to better connect people to the underwater environment.

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