PADI Deep Diver Specialty Training

It’s a rare diver who hasn’t felt the urge to dive deep. Deep diving opens the door to many new exciting dive sites like deeper wrecks, reefs and walls. As a rule, divers tend to be adventurous people, and deep diving – whether to visit a wreck or take photos – can certainly be called adventurous. It’s only natural that like most divers, you have some interest in deep diving.

Deep diving adds a whole new dimension to the underwater experience. The water is bluer. The fish are bigger. I can't describe the feeling but you'll know what I mean when you get there. Take a look at a thirteen-story building. Imagine scuba diving from the roof to the street. Knowing how to handle the descents, assents, stops and limitations depth imposes on the diver are critical. Knowing how to deal with the, sometimes euphoric, feeling that comes over the deep diver is knowledge needed. You can handle it. You will love it.

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