Tank HP Steel Dark Gray

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If you are not using steel cylinders, try to use one and you will soon realize what you have been missing. Aluminum cylinders, as we breathe the weight of air from them, create positive buoyancy at or near the end of a dive. The steel cylinder with its negative buoyancy throughout the dive allows you to shed the excess lead that is required to keep you properly trimmed while you dive an aluminum cylinder. 

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  • Triple protected finish for long lasting durability. Process includes a zinc galvanization spray followed by an epoxy paint and then a polyurethane top coat.
  • Exclusive Phosphatized-cleaned internal surface
  • Manufactured using the deep draw process with Chromium Molybdenum steel
  • Dot Special permit #13488 and Transport Canada #SU7694-237
  • Oxygen cleaned for use with up to 40% pre-blended Nitrox
  • XS Scuba PRO valve with PVD finish and Safety Handwheel
  • High quality, injection-molded tank boot with round rim
  • 3442 psi working pressure
  • Inlet thread is standard ¾’’-14 NPSM
  • Built in Italy by Faber Cylinders with over 40 years experience
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