SSI Science of Diving Manual

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The Science of Diving course is split into 5 sections. Each section expands on knowledge from an open water course. The sections are:

  • Diving Physics
  • Diving Physiology
  • Decompression Theory
  • Dive Equipment
  • Marine Environments

Diving Physics covers the principles underlying all physical interactions experienced by a diver. This will teach you why air spaces behave as they do, and the steps you can take to control them under pressure. Gasses are discussed in detail, including situations where it is best to use each in diving. Energy transfer, buoyancy, and gas consumption are also discussed and applied to real-life scenarios to increase a diver’s understanding of the underwater environment.

Diving Physiology outlines the respiratory and circulatory systems as well as thermal properties of the body. With an understanding of these systems, a diver can explain how they are affected underwater and how to recognize and prevent injury from excessive stress.

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