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When it comes to containing Lionfish, Zoo-Keeper Lionfish Containment Units (LCU) are preferred by Lionfish Hunters. Ease of use and high effectiveness in both containing Lionfish and Diver Safety, makes these LCU's the preferred choice by Lionfish Hunters. After all, the Zoo-Keeper is designed by a Lionfish Hunter for Lionfish Hunters. All parts used in the production of each Zoo-Keeper LCU are made right here in the USA, including the rivets and paracord!!!!! Quality control allows Zoo-Keeper to ship out a product that they would personally use. The LCU's are all custom extrude PVC tubes to achieve its light weight and color, UV resistor is added to the PVC for longer life. The flange, cap and safety valve are Zoo-Keeper's designs. The UV resistor is also added to the ABS for longer life. The LCU's Flange is fused to PVC tube with adhesive and secured in place with rivets for extra protection.

The safety valve allows water displacement to occur through the rear of the LCU, while prohibiting spines to come through. The paracord is added for diver convenience for attachment to lines, lanyards or clips. There are 3 sizes to choose from. The Travel/Dive Master LCU measures (L x Dia.) 19" x 7.25" (48.26 cm x 18.4 cm) and is designed for the travelling hunters. This unit is also handy for Dive Masters on a guided dive. Clients spot, while the Dive Master Z-Keeps. The Medium LCU measures (L x Dia.) 24" x 7.25" (61 cm x 18.4 cm) and could potentially hold up to 50 lionfish, depending on the size of the specimen. The Standard LCU measures (L x Dia.) 28" x 7.25" (71 cm x 18.4 cm) and could potentially hold up to 60 lionfish, depending on the size of the specimen.

Zoo-Keeper Lionfish Containment Unit Features

  • Zoo-Keeper Lionfish Containment Unit:
  • Most Preferred by Lionfish Hunters
  • Ease of Use and High Effectiveness: Containing Lionfish and Diver Safety
  • Zoo-Keeper is Designed by Lionfish Hunters for Lionfish Hunters
  • Custom Extrude PVC Tubes
  • Lightweight, Color, UV Resistor Added to ABS/PVC for Longer Life
  • Flange, Cap and Safety Valve: Zoo-Keeper's Designs
  • Construction: Glued and Riveted
  • Paracord for Clip, Line ort Lanyard Attachment
  • 3 Sizes to Choose From (L x Dia.):
    Travel/Dive Master LCU; 19" x 7.25" (48.26 cm x 18.4 cm)
    Medium LCU; 24" x 7.25" (61 cm x 18.4 cm)
    Standard LCU; 28" x 7.25" (71 cm x 18.4 cm)
  • Small Travel/Dive Master LCU:
    Designed for Travelling Hunters
    Handy for Dive Masters on Guided Dive
    Clients Spot, while Dive Master Z-Keeps
  • Medium LCU:
    Potentially Hold Up to 50 Lionfish
  • Standard LCU:
    Potentially Hold Up to 60 Lionfish
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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