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Air Fills


Air Fills:

Our compressors and filters are maintained to the highest standards.

Air Fill Prices: $6.25 each tank

Packages: 10 Air Fill Card $50, 25 Air Fill Card $120


Nitrox Fills:

We can give you any mix up to 36%. We will fill over 36% O2 with Nitrox certificaiton Analyzers are on site and Nitrox divers are required to verify mix before cylinders are removed from the shop.

Nitrox 80 cuft Fill Prices: $10.25 each tank

Nitrox 85 cuft Fill Prices: $12.00 each tank

Packages: 10 Nx Fill Card $95, 25 Nx Fill Card $220


Trimix Fills:

Trimix is a breathing gas, consisting of oxygen, helium and nitrogen, and is often used while technical diving, during the deep phase of the dive.  Special training technical dive training is needed to use trimix. Force-E Boca offers special Trimix fills at just $1 per cuft. for Helium. Proof of certification is required for Trimix fills.


Tank Services:

Our staff does on-site Visual Inspections which are good for one year.

VIP Prices: $16 each tank, includes air fill or $20 each tank includes nx fill

Hydrostatic testing is done off-site, and are good for five years.

Hydro Prices: $40.00 each tank, includes air or nx fill