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Lady Luck Wreck

The Lady Luck

The Lady Luck is a casino themed wreck. Come try your luck with a octopus dealer or take a swim around a cocktail waitress mermaid!

Location: Pompano Beach
Depth Range: 80-130'
Skill Level: Advanced
The Lady Luck is a 324 ft tanker vessel that was sunk on July 23rd, 2016 and is one of the biggest contributions to Florida’s artificial reef system. Originally named the Newtown Creek, the Lady Luck was built in 1967 and operated as a sewage tanker for nearly 50 years, transporting 1.2 million gallons of sewage per day. She was decommissioned in 2014 and sold to Shipwreck Park Inc. in 2016 thanks to contributions from the city of Pompano Beach and Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park. Artist Dennis MacDonald, of Pompano Beach, was hired to create casino themed displays as a part of the Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park sponsorship. Some of the art displays include a mermaid waitress, an octopus dealer, giant dice, and poker table with card sharks (Make sure you have your camera ready to take pictures)

Wreck Diving in South Florida

Mermaid waitress aboard the Lady Luck

South Florida wreck diving

Pilot house of the Lady Luck

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Looking at the Smoke Stack

Current image of the Lady Luck

Current image of the Lady Luck

Map of the Lady Luck

The Lady Luck Wreck Map

The Lady Luck currently sits in 131 ft, with the deck at 105 ft and is approximately 200 ft south of the Rodeo wreck. The current can get quite strong on this wreck so we recommend you have an Advanced Certification and a signaling device in case you get swept off this wreck. The Lady Luck has been prepared so that divers can explore 16 staterooms, the captain’s deck, galley, engine room, and the tanker holding bays. The main deck has had added a faux casino and hosts underwater art exhibits.


To dive this site, contact Force-E Pompano Beach or Force-E Boca Raton for boat schedules.

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