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Breakers Reef

Location: West Palm Beach
Depth Range: 50-65'
Skill Level: Open Water

Breakers Reef is one of the most popular reef dives in Palm Beach County. It’s a reef line running North to South in 50-65 ft of water and is a favorite for Open Water certified divers because it’s a great drift dive experience. This reef is named after the Breakers Hotel and many of the boats will drop you on a spot called Fourth Window on this site because its in line with the 4th window on the north section of the hotel. The ledge (5-10 ft in height) on the west side of this reef is the shallowest point and has the most marine life. The backside of this reef to the east is deeper and great for divers wanting to spearfish or lobster. During the Spring and Summer months this site is packed with Loggerhead, Green, or Hawksbill sea turtles.

To dive this site, contact Force-E Riviera Beach for boat schedules.