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Corridor Wreck Trek

The Corridor Wreck Trek

The Corridor Wreck Trek produces some of the most amazing animal encounters

Location: West Palm Beach
Depth Range: 63-90'
Skill Level: Advanced

The Corridor Wreck Trek is a drift divers paradise This area is full of amazing animal encounters including Goliath Groupers, sea turtles, stingrays, and in the distance a lurking reef shark. Some of the wrecks in this line up where sunk some time ago so they are covered in corals and sponges which create beautiful habitat for fish in the Palm Beach area.

Ana Cecilia

Ana Cecilia




PC 1174

Current image of the Mizpah

Current image of the Mizpah

Map of the Corridor Wreck Trek

The Corridor Wreck Trek Map

The Corridor Wreck Trek is comprised with 6 wrecks to drift over. The current tends to run to the North most days so the boat will drop you first in the line on the Ana Cecilia. The Ana Cecilia is new to this site, she was sunk on July 13, 2016 and it didn’t take long for the Goliath Groupers to make her their new home. This wreck is a 629-ton freighter ship measuring 170ft in length and is 40ft wide with many cargo areas that have been modified for diving.

Follow the rebar 300 ft to the north and you will be at the next wreck in this trek, the Mizpah. The 185 ft Greek Luxury liner was built in 1926 and was sunk in 1968 to serve as an artificial reef. The Mizpah is upright and intact except for a split forward of the upper deck in 90 feet of water. The Mizpah for years has been a very popular wreck for divers to see the seasonal aggregation of Goliath Groupers. Every Fall, between August and October, there can be at least 30-50 of these massive fish siting on the bow or out on its sides. The Goliath Grouper is a protected species in Florida waters, which makes for a great opportunity to meet a gentle giant up close, so get your camera ready!

About 100 yards from the Mizpah to the North is the PC 1174. The PC 1174 is 165 ft military patrol craft and was sunk in 1968. It rests upright in two sections. After you pass this wreck you will encounter a rock pile path and it will lead you to the next wreck, the Amaryllis. The Amaryllis is 441 feet long and has a 57 foot beam. It ran aground on September 7, 1965, during Hurricane Betsy. The West Palm Beach Fishing Club towed most of the wreck offshore and sunk it as an artificial reef in 1968. Divers tend to find sea turtles on this wreck and a occasional reef shark swimming by in the distance. After the Amaryllis, still travelling to the North, you will find the China Barge. This is a barge that’s flipped over about 80 ft in length and past this is the Brazilian Docks which is piles of concrete dock rubble and culverts. Both sites offer opportunities to encounter moray eels, nurse sharks, and lots of tropical fish.

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