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MV Castor Wreck

Location: Boynton Beach
Depth Range: 80-110'
Skill Level: Advanced

The M/V Castor was built in 1970 at the Bodewes Shipyard in Martenshoek, Netherlands.  The original name of this vessel was M/V Dorothee Bos and was designed by the Dutch as a dry cargo carrier used to transport timbers. In 1988, under a new name of M/V Mer Star, the captain and the crew embarked from Spain to Mobile, Alabama and remained working within the Caribbean waters for the last twelve years with several different names. With it’s final name as the M/V Castor, it was sunk on December 14, 2001. It measures 258 feet long by 37 feet wide by 50 feet tall rising to within 60 feet of the surface. For safety reasons all hatches and doors have been removed making it easy for penetration. The main deck is at 90 feet and the maximum depth of 110 feet where it sits upright with the bow pointing south it is an excellent dive for shipwreck lovers. The current can get quite strong on this wreck so we recommend you have an Advanced Certification and a signaling device in case you get swept off this wreck.  

The M/V Castor is a very popular wreck for divers to see the seasonal aggregation of Goliath Groupers. Every Fall, between August and October, there can be at least 30-50 of these massive fish siting on the bow or out on its sides. The Goliath Grouper is a protected species in Florida waters, which makes for a great opportunity to meet a gentle giant up close, so get your camera ready!

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