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Black Water Night Diving

BlackWater Night Diving

Take your night diving skills up a notch and try black water diving!

Location: Palm Beach & Boynton Beach
Depth Range: 0-45ft
Skill Level: Advanced or Night Diver Certification, Nitrox Diver preferred 

Experience the world's greatest animal migration with blackwater diving. Dive into the deepest waters at night to see the tiniest creatures

BlackWater Night Diving

What is Black Water Night Diving? You dive suspended in the water column in open ocean, in the dark depths far away from the coast. The boat drifts with the current, an in water guide sets a drift line and floodlights are lowered into the water to attract all the ocean nightlife. The group drifts along between the surface and 45 ft of water, so good buoyancy is key. This is a one tank dive, depending on the charter you will get either a 90 min or 2 hr bottom time. 

BlackWater Night Diving

What do you see? Every night, millions of creatures make their way from the depths to the surface on a mission to feed. You may see pelagic fish that come out to feed, but the main attraction is the small, strange and beautiful creatures in their larval stage where their bodies are transparent and bioluminescent.


BlackWater Night Diving

What Diving Experience is needed? Divers must be comfortable drift diving with strong currents at times and MUST have a safety signaling tube, primary light, backup light & tank light. This dive requires all divers to have the Advanced or the Night Diver certification, diving nitrox is preferred.

Force-E partners with experienced boat charters and their crew. We can never guarantee certain species sightings but this area has huge success with finding you the creatures of the deep. To book your Black Water Night Dive trips, contact any Force-E Scuba Center location for boat schedules.

BlackWater Photos on this page by Linda Ianniello, co-author of Blackwater Creatures available in all Force-E locations and online

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