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Shark Canyon

Location: Juno Beach
Depth Range: 70'
Skill Level: Open Water

This is a famous site where divers can get some Caribbean Reef shark action. Shark Canyon is located on the Juno Ledge Reef and sits in 70-85 ft of water. If it's a north running current, when you drop in the site looks like a flat desert to the south. Kick a little north and you will find a horseshoe cut out in a reef ledge in which we call the Amphitheater. This is your target, then you get to this spot you will want to sit down in the sand and wait...the sharks will show up give it at least 10 minutes before you move along the reef. This Amphitheater is great for shark sightings because they swim around the divers without having to have bait in the water, so this is truly a natural shark diving experience. If you decide to swim on from the Amphitheater, there is a second Amphitheater cut out in the reef...again this is a great area to sit down and wait for the sharks to come around. After these two Amphitheaters there is a 4 ft ledge that extends to the North, which has lots of life on it. We tend to see the same green sea turtle and a tagged Hawksbill turtle at this site, so that is always a great experience. Divers in the past have also seen spotted eagle rays and hammerhead sharks on this site. What a great site to visit if you want to do a shark dive without any bait.


To dive this site, contact Force-E Riviera Beach for boat schedules.