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May 1st is here...time to Hunt!

Hogfish, Grouper, Lionfish...they all sound delicious to us, but how are you going to get out there and catch your dinner now that they are in season? Good news, Force-E Scuba Centers has an online sale going on now until May 31, 2020 on Spearfishing Gear for our Spearfishing Month. Having the right gear is super important and we have the best selection in town...plus we have great seafood recipes to go with the fish you bag!


Don't forget to tune in to our Spearfishing themed Facebook LIVE events this month!

Spearfishing Gear 15 % Off: Guns, pole spears and accessories...Plus with every purchase of a KOAH speargun receive a Catching the Spear-it book by Chiefy

Koah Speargun Sale

KOAH Spearguns. Born from a perception that high quality craftsmanship and innovation are the backbone to authentic quality.

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Riffe Speargun Sale

Riffe Spearguns is a Manufacturer of teak and aluminum spearguns and accessories. Located in San Clemente, California.

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Rob Allen Speargun Sale

Rob Allen produces a variety of different products all developed, tried and tested by ultimate spearos’ worldwide.

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AB Biller Speargun Sale

A.B. Biller spearguns produces premiere quality freediving and spearfishing equipment for the serious and professional spearfisher.

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JBL Speargun Sale

JBL manufacturers of sling powered spearguns, travel spearguns, pole spears, spear points and accessories. JBL truly is the reaper's choice.

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Hammerhead Speargun Sale

At HammerHead we develop the next generation of spearfishing equipment utilizing cutting edge technologies to spear larger fish.

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Force-E Scuba Centers "Staff's Choice" of Spearfishing Accessories:

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