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South Flordia Wreck Diving Gear

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Probably the first motivation for people to attempt diving was the pursuit of shipwrecks, either for commercial salvage purposes or to recover sunken cargoes that included classic treasure riches. And while there are countless interesting subjects to keep us enthralled underwater, the chance to explore a shipwreck, no matter how small or deteriorated, holds a special spot in the hearts of all divers. So before jumping into the water to explore that wreck you’ve been dying to see, make sure you have your gear in check. In celebration of wreck month, Force-E Scuba Centers is making it easier for you to dive safe with the right gear to explore our south florida wreck sites.


Wreck Reel Sale

Wreck Reels

The adventure of wreck penetration begins with proper training in the use of wreck lines and reels. That being said...having a quality reel makes all the difference. We have a solid selection of reels to make your wreck adventure safe and fun!

Wreck Light Sale

Dive Lights

A dive light is a recommended accessory for wreck diving, even during daytime dives. A light will allow you to look back inside “pockets” under the wreck and will reveal the true colors of the marine life on deeper wrecks.

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