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AquaLung 5mm Echomid Boots

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These 5mm neoprene, mid-height, pull-on boots offer a great solution for changing conditions. It's perfect for adding extra warmth below that thermocline and significant protection during shore dives or in areas where splinters, sea urchins and barnacles can pose puncture hazards to your feet. Designed to be worn with open-heeled fins. Ergonomic: Like the rest of the Aqua Lung boot line, the Echomid uses Aqua Lungs patented, anatomically correct Ergo shaped footbed and outsole to match the profile of your foot, preventing excess water retention and offering comfortable support.

Protective: 8mm-thick treaded sole provides premium protection against punctures, stings, and slips. Warm: 3 or 5mm neoprene upper for the right amount of warmth in any conditions. Comfortable: The Echomid boot uses just a few seams, which are placed away from the widest parts of the feet to minimize chafing. Eco-Conscious Packaging: Ships with minimal carbon footprint packaging, no plastic bags. Boot is available in multiple sizes.

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