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Poseidon One Shoe Boot

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The Poseidon one shoe is a neoprene scuba bootie you'll want to wear everywhere. The high top design has a supratex rubber toe and sole like a canvas sneaker. This protects your feet and provides traction while still looking stylish. The high-top upper and liner are made of sturdy neoprene that will survive dive after dive. The front has faux bungee laces that hold securely and make the bootie easy to slip on and off. The back has a durable waterproof zipper closure that fits tightly around your foot. The one shoe bootie is a protective, functional, and stylish addition to your water gear. Supratex rubber toe and sole protect feet waterproof zipper fits tightly around the foot elastic bungee laces go on easy and fit securely sturdy neoprene upper and liner for frequent use protective, stylish, and functional includes a mesh carry bag.

| Razer 27-03-2020 14:16

This boot/shoe is worth every penny. I have purchased a pair 3 years ago and I've made hundreds of dives using it, and it is still holding strong!

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