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CMOR S FLorida Card

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The South Florida v3 CMOR Card Covers from Jensen Beach through Key West on the Atlantic Coast and features private data collection from February 2020.

This high resolution, 3D fishing map unlocks new grounds with a visual like never before — exclusively available on CMOR Mapping South Florida version 3.

South Florida v3 Additions include:

Continuous nearshore expansion from Boynton Beach through North Miami, with depths ranging from 100ft to 400ft along the coastline.

Continuous nearshore expansion from Alligator Light through Ocean Reef, with depths ranging from 50ft to 250/300ft.

Strategic rescanning of objects subject to movement such as wrecks, as well as newly sunken objects and vessels. 

Significant addition of nearshore and deep drop coverage throughout Key West, with continuing deep drop coverage through the upper keys.

Newly Featured Spots:

Tenneco Towers

USS Spiegel Grove

The Duane

The Bibb

Molasses Reef

French Reef

Pickles Reef

Hillsboro Wrecks

…And more!


South Florida Featured Areas include:

  • Hollywood
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Pompano
  • Deerfield
  • Boca Raton
  • Boynton Beach
  • Lake Worth
  • West Palm
  • Jupiter
  • Hobe Sound
  • Stuart
  • Continuous deep drop and swordfish grounds from Stuart through Miami.
  • And most importantly, all the unnamed reefs between the well known areas!


The Jensen Beach to North Miami coverage features Florida's most unique reef systems, artificial reefs, and famous shipwrecks.

The depths covered on this card range from 1' at the shoreline to over 400', which is past the third reef line for the majority of the area.

The Miami-Biscayne features some of the most pristine diving and fishing areas in South Florida.

The depths covered on nearshore section range from 1' in Biscayne Bay to 500' due east of Government Cut.

Also included are the premier deep-dropping and daytime swordfishing grounds in South Florida. The depths range from 900' to 2,900'.  Some of the largest swordfish in South Florida have been caught in this area. This is also a great area to target rosy snapper, queen snapper, snowy grouper, and many other deep-water bottom fish.   

Areas covered on this CMOR Card Include:

  • Pacific Reef
  • Ajax Reef
  • Long Reef
  • Margot Fish Shoal
  • Triumph Reef
  • Bache Shoal
  • Bowles Bank
  • Star Reef
  • Ledbury Reef
  • Brewster Reef
  • Fowey Rocks
  • Biscayne Bay
  • …And more!

The Florida Keys section covers nearshore and the outer reef from south of Carysfort Reef Light to Key West from 15' to 300’ in most areas.   

Also includes deep-drop locations:

  • 12 miles offshore of Islamorada FL
    • Depths from 438' to 858'
  • 15 miles offshore of Duck Key
    • Depths from 576' to 719'
  • West Marathon Hump, 22 miles offshore of Duck Key
    • Depths from 495' to 1,500'
  • 21 miles offshore of Duck Key
    • Depths from 512' to 850'
  • 29 miles offshore of Marathon
    • Depths from 1,135' to 2,445'
  • 10 miles offshore of Key West
    • Depths from 505' to 830’
  • Continuous deep drop coverage from Key West to South Miami

If you looking for some deep drop spots for tilefish, snowy grouper, rosy snapper, barrel Fish, or want to take a stab at daytime swordfishing, this is a must-have!

If you're looking to dive or bottom fish for snapper/grouper and you're staying between Key Largo and Key West, this card will help you locate the structure that hold the fish!  Lobsters will have no where to hide!

NOAA charts 11465, 11466, 11467, and 11468 are included in the background.




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